Wow who says you have to go to an ethnic restaurant to get “take out”.
Tonight’s dinner;
🔸Asian Sesame Orange Chicken
🔸Korean Beef Wrapped Asparagus
And wow this meal was amazing!!!
Last night I trimmed my chicken thighs for the sesame chicken and cut them in bite size pieces. I also cut the beef for the asparagus wraps and I prepared the marinade’s for both from Against all Grain (grab the book for the recipes) this marinaded all night while in the fridge. This afternoon my son plugged the crockpot full of Asian chicken after school. Tonight I had to work late so hubby was awesome and helped by grabbing the flank steak that was cut and marinated and he wrapped each asparagus spear with one strip of meat, we made approximately 30. He then broiled them in the oven. Dinner was all set for everyone to eat by 7:30.

So very good! Just the right amount of spicy meets sweet to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

We finished the whole 30 a day early seeing how this meal had honey in it. All in all a great month. Hubby decided he would stay on eating Paleo! Our feat will be getting him a gluten free beer he will like. I am excited he will be continuing to get healthy with me.