Don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead tonight!

As much as we all dislike loosing an hour of sleep, it’s all worth it in the end!
🔅Spring is knocking at our door!!!!
🔅Not only does It allows us to use less energy in lighting our homes by taking advantage of the longer and later daylight hours
🔅We start to see warmer days
🔅The trees start to bud ( and yes allergies seem to steam roll right in)
🔅The flowers start to bloom (This is my most favorite part, I love to see the gorgeous colors of spring)
🔅We can finally start coming out of our homes and get reacquainted with our friends and neighbors. (Damn it has been a long cold snowy winter sitting inside)
🔅Local farms become busy with new crops of lettuce, asparagus, beets, artichokes, radishes, rhubarb, mint, onions, parsley, thyme and spinach just to name a few.
🔅All and all we just have more activity outdoors, we tend to walk, or run easier now. Then we start to clean our yards.

Spring brings a huge smile on my face.

It makes me HAPPY!