1.5lbs Grass-fed Beef
2 Tbl Tessemea BBQ
1/8 tsp each of oregano, basil, onion and garlic powder, salt and pepper ( I mixed all spices evenly before hand then added them to meat making sure I mixed well)
1 Tbl fresh Cilantro
1 tsp fresh garlic
4 thin slices of Kerrygold Cheese
1 cup raw spinach
1/2 cup sauté mushrooms (cooked ahead)
8 slices Bacon (cooked ahead)

🔹Mix, beef and spices well, make 4 patties.
🔹Grill to desired temperature. We like ours Medium Rare.
🔹Just before you take them off grill add your cheese to melt it.
🔹Place burgers on bed of spinach add bacon and mushrooms

I made up some sweet potato hash as well.

Very delicious!!!!