Great article on sweeteners. I myself have only used honey, maple syrup and coconut sugar.

I had a really hard time with this part of the approach to Wheat Belly. It was the one part of it I almost decided to omit altogether. I’m not a fan of chemicals or man-made sweeteners. Way before I began this journey I was a big proponent of staying away from fake sweeteners like NutraSweet or Splenda. So for me, this was a huge adjustment. Almost more than giving up the wheat. In some ways, I felt like I was being a hypocrite. You see I was that annoying person who would scold their friends and family who used artificial sweeteners about the dangers of drinking diet soda. I was the pain in ass sending Facebook memes about the horrors of using Splenda in their coffee.

When I read the Wheat Belly cookbook and saw that most of the baked goods called for Stevia or Xyitol (both of which…

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