Lately, I feel as though unless I am doing a WHOLE30, I will not lose weight. Well who the heck wants to be on the WHOLE30 for the rest of their lives? I don’t, yes I want to be healthy but I do not feel I should deprive myself either. Granted the exercise has drastically come to a halt and no excuse except I don’t make time for me and when I do that’s the last thing I want to do. I have been pondering the issue of having 50 or more pounds to shed and dear lord does this mean WHOLE30 until that happens. ūüėĘ. Ugh I have done so many already. I am human… I like to have my occasional sweets (paleo of course), or even my fruit every morning. But as I see it, I have literally been too predictable with my eating and I do believe that my body has realized this. I have been searching for answers and here are some great links that I think will help me, and maybe they will help you as well.

10 Reasons You’re not Loosing Weight on Paleo

Weightloss Plateau

Am I loosing Enough Weight

I think I need to look at changing things up a bit.

How about you? Are you having the same issue?????