We love Bok Choy. I have it on my grocery list weekly. We love stirfry with it.

What Would John Mack Eat?

Want to add some an Asian flare to your meal?  Sick of kale? Sick of spinach? Cook up some Bok Choy! This sounds like the beginning to a cheesy Infomercial, “Call 1800-BOK-CHOY, to get yours today for just $9.99, but wait there is more…”  There is more, with just a few steps this side dish will ramp up dinner.  Make sure you use the whole plant and not just the leafy green part.  I cut up the white stems super thin and sauté at the same time and it adds a crunch to the soft wilted greens.  With a few simple ingredients and steps this becomes an excellent choice for any meal.

“Bok choy is one of the popular leafy-vegetables very low in calories. Nonetheless, it is very rich source of many vital phyto-nutrients, vitamins, minerals and health-benefiting anti-oxidants” 

  1. 1 large head of bok choy or 3-4 baby bok…

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