The Paleo Diet Food List


When you’re looking for Paleo-approved starches and belly-filling carbohydrates, it’s easy to get caught up in a mess of vocabulary. Vegetarians will push Quinoa, while health food stores and grocers push anything from millet and buckwheat to couscous. We’ll take a look at couscous and answer: is it Paleo?

What is Couscous?

There are two main types of couscous: Israeli and Moroccan. Moroccan comes from Northern Africa, specifically Berber, Morocco, and is very small granules of semolina that look very similar to quinoa, with a density closer to rice. Israeli couscous pellets are closer in size to whole peppercorns. (You can also find even larger pellets, called Lebanese couscous.) Made from semolina flour, couscous is a basically several little pellets of pasta.

Is Couscous Paleo?

Unfortunately, no, couscous is not Paleo. Couscous, in every form, is made from wheat flour, which is not Paleo. However, you can try your hand…

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