So tell me How do you handle yourself in confrontations. This is an amazing story. It makes you wonder if you are handling your self appropriately. I would say I am on the 3-4 side of the scale. I hate confrontation and avoid it at all cost. My anxiety goes through the roof when I have to confront someone.

The Little Healthy One

The other day I found myself crying in public.

It all started during my Counselling lecture at Uni, where we started talking about confrontations and how we handle them. We were given a scale to place where we are, and why we think we respond in this way.


I put myself around the Assertive to Aggressive side (8) and it wasn’t until I really started to look at the scale, did I realise how I really do handle confrontation.

I always thought that I was good with this aspect of my life, because I never backed down if I was talking about something I was passionate about, and would keep talking at all costs to ensure I was being heard, and the other person understood my opinion. I thought this was constructive.

Boy was my world flipped on its head.

When talking about this and telling my story out…

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