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1) Low-Carb Dieting works.  Usually.

Low-carbohydrate diets are typically sold on two main claims:

  1. That they’re more effective than traditional diets for weight loss; and,
  2. That they’re good for your heart.

In large part, research suggests that these claims are accurate.

One 2009 study compared low-carbohydrate diets to more traditional (low-fat, calorie-reduced) diets and found that the low-carb were more effective in reducing weight and the risk of cardiovascular disease, at least during the first year of dieting.

2) Low-Carb Dieting is not just a Short-Term Solution

One criticism about low-carb dieting that followed this study was that low-carb dieting only works over the short term. A more recent 2013 study shows that this is not the case, with researchers concluding that individuals using what they called a “very low-carbohydrate, ketogenic diet” achieved greater weight loss than those assigned to a traditional low fat diet over the long-term.

3) Low-Carb…

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