May is Celiac Awareness Month and it’s time to Raise Awareness and Educate around the world. We have the unique opportunity to have a whole month dedicated to us, the Celiac Community.  How are YOU going to Raise Awareness?


Let’s Raise Awarenessthrough themany faces of Gluten Free Men!  I think this is an issue that we rarely hear or read about and needs to be addressed.  Which is why I chose to do amen’s calendarI would like to show the many Faces of Gluten Free Men suffering around the world and that there is help available.

Gluten Free Men inspiring other men to want to live Healthier Lives and Get Tested Early.  The Top Two Diseases that kill most men today areheart disease and cancer; specifically, colon and prostate.

Quest Diagnosticsstates that, “Celiac Disease impacts both men & women but at this time, it’s diagnosed largely…

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