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Tropical Crush smoothie with green grapes

Day 6 of my 7 Days of Smoothies is so far my favourite of the week! I know I’ve said that already, but this is seriously the best, I could drink it all day, and gladly had two whole servings for breakfast. This tropical flavour has a nice twist with green grapes, which give a little tang as well as awesome slushy texture. This would be perfect to hydrate on a hot day, and would be delicious with a little aloe vera in it too! Between this baby and the Mango Ombré smoothie you can definitely have a good substitute for a Tropical getaway in your own backyard. Under an umbrella. With a heat lamp…



2 large handfuls of green seedless grapes

1 large handful chopped pineapple

2 large lemonade apples, peeled and grated

Coconut water as desired

🙂 K

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