What a very cool Idea!!!!!!!!

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I love food in mason jars – there is just something cute about them.  But it is also a practical way of taking food to work.

The other day, I knew I would not have time to eat breakfast before running out of the door to get to work.  So the night before I threw together this cute mason jar omelette that I put uncooked in the fridge.  Next morning, all I had to do was grab it and go.  Once I was at work, I removed the lid, popped it in the microwave and cooked it.

An easy, tasty and nutritious breakfast.

If you like, you could probably make a batch of these up at the weekend, one for each workday and store them in the fridge until required.

These would not just be good for breakfast though – they would make a delicious lunch too.

Omelette in a…

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