Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful moms out there!

Today, was a wonderful day! Started with breakfast in bed from my Paleo chef hubby! šŸ˜€. Then throughout the day our children gave me one by one a special message, card or gift! I am truly blessed to have such loving children. I enjoyed a day with family and friends, I am a lucky girl.
For dinner hubster made me yet another meal. He’s getting this Paleo cooking down pretty good. He continues to amaze me with his own interest in gaining knowledge regarding eating Paleo. It’s fabulous. He made burgers on the grill, (it was to nice out to use the oven), asparagus and lettuce and tomato and avocado. Super Delish.


I am so proud that I had enough will power not to have any of the desserts and sweets that were within my reach all day. I just kept repeating
“You can Do this, You need to do this”!!! And I did it!!!

While I sip on my tea, I’m sitting here reflecting and I must say I have a pretty damn great life with my family, we may not be perfect but no matter what we all love each other. And next month a grand baby will arrive to love just as much! ā¤ļø

Have a great night!