For a Monday, everything seemed to go pretty smoothly. It was absolutely gorgeous out, I even managed to take a lunch on a payroll day, and soak up some sun for about 15 minutes to absorb some Vitamin D. It was fabulous.

I have been doing really well staying on track and not veering off into visions of sugar plums and CHOCOLATE. Although right this moment I could go for a treat!!! I will have to look at a healthy one.

My Meals today consisted of;

Breakfast: 2 Hard Boiled eggs and spicy avocado

Snack: mixed fruit salad

Lunch: Skirt Steak with Sweet potato

Snack: Handful of nuts (not enough protein for lunch I think)

Dinner: Lemon Pepper and Garlic Chicken
Day8 dinner

Lemon Pepper & Garlic Chicken

2 Lbs Chicken Breast
2 TbL Fresh Garlic
2 Tbl Fresh Cilantro
1/4 cup Olive Oil
2 Tbl Lemon Peper seasoning
1 tsp Himalayan salt

Slice Chicken lengthwise in half, I like to do this so it cooks easier on the grill.
Mix olive oil and all the spices well, pour over the chicken, making sure it is evenly covered on both sides.
Let sit 15 minutes
Grill it on medium flame approximately 15 to 2O minutes turn half way through.
Enjoy ūüôā