My sense of humor about winter weather conditions has officially run dry. It’s May, Mother Nature…time for your 8-inches of snow shenanigans to cease. Harumph.

On a recent visit to a Home Goods store I found discounted packages of Cocoroons. I was hungry, waiting for my mother to comb the kitchen section for the tenth time, and so I splurged and found myself a seat. Holy mackerel are those good! But EXPENSIVE (normal price is around $8/bag)! So this recipe was born of a desire to have these cookies in an affordable way. Oh, and to have lemon-flavored treats, too. I love lemon-flavored treats.

I wouldn’t say these cookies zone the best (as with all baked paleo goods), but they’re a great little treat with dinner or make a perfect summer afternoon snack (I’m only presuming, here, as I think we’ll never see summer in Laramie). I also have a…

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