Happy Friday!!! More like thank god it’s Friday!!!
This morning I woke up thinking it was Saturday and this threw me way off. I didn’t bring any food with me and I was running extremely late. Then this was the second day the work kitchen had EVIL stuff in it. Only today there wasn’t any fruit like yesterday to choose from. Ughhhhh
Luckily my BFF lives 2 seconds away. She saved the day, and brought me breakfast and I steered clear of that kitchen and those donuts until I had to leave. Which by the way I have to walk by every time I need to go to the restroom . But NO way was I giving in. I am 12 days Into the Whole 30 and I am not screwing this up with a really stupid cheat. Yay me!!!

Tonight for dinner I rewarded myself. No not with Evilness. I made hubby and I Surf and Turf!!! I’ll tell you something. You can’t find a better meal than in your own home. When I prepare a dish I know what I’m getting and where it all came from.

Check this awesome plate out


Luckily Lobsters were only $6.99 lb. and the Market I go to steams them. The scallops were on sale $14.99 lb.
wow delicious.