Almost half way there! So far this go around has been super easy. I am sad that I won’t be able to taste the wonderful baby shower cake I’m having made for my grand-baby to be and his mamas baby shower tomorrow. I just might have to freeze a piece lol.

This morning I made a great scramble for breakfast and a smoothie.


The scramble had left over Pico de gallo some bacon and broccoli. It was super yummy!

The smoothie was made with almond milk, dark cherries, coconut butter, coconut chips, and some Sunbutter! Also delicious!

I skipped lunch and opted for a mani and pedi instead. So worth it.

Dinner was a burger smothered with spicy avocado and black olives over a bed of lettuce and tomato, along with 1/2 of a steak kabob I split with hubby.


“Can I have some burger with that avocado please.” Hahaha