I ended Day 21 trying something new.  Fiddleheads…..These funny little spiral looking things are very new to me. Until this week I had never heard of them.  I was a bit hesitant to try these little buggers.  The taste was a cross between broccoli rabbi and spinach for me.  I roasted them with minced garlic, salt and a tad bit of olive oil and then last minute I mixed it with some left over broccoli, along with a burger smothered in mushrooms, sweet potato fries and broccoli slaw. (realized after I plated everything I had a lot of broccoli tonight. 🙂


Fiddlehead greens are the furled fronds of a young fern, they are harvested for use as a vegetable. Left on the plant, each fiddlehead would unroll into a new frond. As fiddleheads are harvested early in the season before the frond has opened and reached its full height, they are cut fairly close to the ground. The picture below is what they look like not mixed with anything.   


For those of you watching your carbs they have 5.5 grams of carbs.

Beware if you look them up on the internet.. I looked them up and the first website I clicked on, well lets just say it wasn’t about the vegetable fiddlehead.  OMG parents be advised when your children lookup fiddleheads.  Then I came across the  PaleoHacks one and there I find out that they could be toxic. Ok well I guess I am a little late because we ate them.  Although apparently this is only if eaten raw or picked from the wrong place. LOL yea I might not be having those again.

To learn more about fiddlehead click here.

Well after a late night out last night and a busy day today I am extremely exhausted. Until next time folks.

Have a great night….