Disgusting that the government has taught us for 100’s of years the wrong nutritional information. And even more concerning is how these fast food restaurants have been allowed to market their product in a less than truthful way. I love to people watch where ever I am. In doing so I see so many different type of individuals. What is alarming to me is the number of overweight children and young adults there are. Sugar is the devil in my eyes and it is in almost everything you buy that is processed or packaged. Sugar leads to obesity, diabetes and addiction. I know I have always had a problem with sugar. I love sweets, chocolate mostly. It has been an obsession of mine for years. I am thankful now though that as least I am educated and aware of this epidemic issue and it helps me to stay in check and keep on the side of eating healthy.


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Anyone seen/going to see this? I just saw it last night and found it extremely fascinating. While this film is not in advocacy for the paleo diet, I think most everyone here would agree with its premise, sugar can wreck havoc to one’s health. Made me reconsider my choice of “cheat” foods in a positive way.

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