AIP low-FODMAP 1.0

I was confused about FODMAPs as there is so much contradictory information about FODMAPs online. But I just received my low-FODMAP booklet from the Monash University in Australia and things are clearer (but not yet completely unambiguous).

Monash U also has a FODMAP app, but I hate phones & use my mobile exclusively for texting my teenaged children (they are surprisingly forthcoming by text even when monosyllabic in person), so I had to wait for my booklet to travel to Vancouver Island across the surface of the planet by post.

Gut-healing diets

Low-FODMAP is an entirely distinct diet from the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP), which is a restricted Paleo diet, so finding foods that are AIP-friendly & low-FODMAP requires an overlap of the two lists.

FODMAPs include oligos (fructans & galacto-oligodsacharides), fructose, polyols (sorbitol & mannitol) & lactose. A breath test can determine if malabsorption of fructose, sorbitol & lactose is…

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