Any food that could have been hunted or gathered by our ancestors (cavemen).  All Hunted animals meaning beef,  pork , bison , fish  etc.  Veggies count, sweet potatoes are in.  Fruits and nuts and are in because they aren’t processed. Coconut oil is preferred in the paleo nation.


Is all of the above.  however you can add in the dairy only of best quality- typically full fat, non hormone injected, grass-fed,(and this is ideal but not mandatory).  The dark chocolates, and occasional red wine. The chocolate, you want to be organic  and the highest percentage of cocoa possible. Anything above 70% is best. 

 The Paleo and Primal eating plans eliminate all grains; as well as, processed foods, sugars and legumes, which include not only beans and lentils but also soy and peanuts.  Grains have poor nutrient density and a high potential to trigger health problems because of anti-nutrients and gluten.  Both plans also recommend eliminating processed foods made with sugars, high omega-6 vegetable oils and chemicals from your diet.