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Egg Hash

I’ve been cooking a lot with eggs recently. Mainly because I’m without car at the moment and so haven’t been hitting the shops for my meat as regularly as I normally would. Need to sign up to a meat box scheme I think!

I can’t complain though; incorporating eggs into your diet is super. They are a great source of protein; possibly one of the most nutritious ingredients around. In the past eggs have had a bad rap- “too much cholesterol,” “limit intake to 3 a week” yaddy yaddy ya! It’s now widely accepted that far from being a food to be limited, eggs can be eaten in abundance.

Here’s some great articles about why eggs are great!


This is a great brunch recipe, it’s filling and it can be served with eggs, bacon, sausages, even chicken. What’s more you can save leftovers, and it makes for a perfect accompaniment to many dishes.

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