That hankering for something sweet or something salty or maybe your craving something with crunch.

Is this a craving or a habit?

Have you ever had the late afternoon cookie binge? My cravings usually come around 2 pm. How about snacking on junk food when you get home from a hard day’s work? Eating sufficient amounts of low-sugar whole foods is the simplest and fastest way to reduce cravings. When you’re craving sugar check-in with yourself to make sure you’ve eaten enough during the day. Did you skip breakfast? Only had a small lunch? Eat whole foods like grass-fed meats, fish vegetables and greens and good fats like avocados and coconut. Adding sufficient amounts of these whole foods into your daily regime will dramatically cut your craving When we don’t eat enough low sugar whole foods during the day, our body naturally craves calories. Guess which type of food our body knows has calories? Sweet foods. Yup no surprise to you all this is my down fall.

A habit is something that most of us don’t even know we do. Like eating a meal, and having to finish it with a desert, or having that cup of tea every afternoon like I do, how about the morning coffee is this habit? Uh for me this is my brain jump start I can’t start the day with out my caffeine.

So which is it Cravings or Habit for you?

Diane at Balanced Bites explains “Magnesium deficiency is common, as both stress and sugar consumption deplete magnesium stores in the body.” She also has stated that “Essential fatty acids and fat soluble vitamin deficiencies are also common since many people who make the switch to Paleo or the 21-Day Sugar Detox previously ate a “health conscious,” low-fat diet.”

You can find out more and get some helpful tips on her page Balances Bites. Very interesting information and certainly I will be trying some of her helpful hints.