Ahhh my new love in life. I feel like I’m splurging when I sip a cold brew of Kombucha. Then I realize two simple facts;
1. I brewed it so it didn’t cost me $3+ dollars a bottle
2. It has a high concentration of vitamins B and digestive enzymes, so drinking kombucha tea can alleviate a number of ailments.

Therefore I guess I am splurging on myself and my health. 😃

I like to try a different variety of flavors with my brew. Today I split up my batch and I am making one with Fresh lemon juice and blueberries. And the other with Peaches and Ginger. I can’t wait until I can taste each one.

Have you ever tried making your own it’s super simple.
All you need is Organic tea, organic sugar, water and a scoby.

Scoby??? What is that you say….
Well a scoby is basically a colony of bacteria and yeast. All good bacteria of course.
If you don’t have a friend who can give you a scoby to start here is how to make one yourself.

1 bottle of Organic, Raw Kombucha
1 glass jar
1 kitchen towel
1 cup of room temperature sweetened tea made with filtered water

You can buy the kombucha at just about any health food store. I get mine at Whole-foods when I need it.

Pour the bottle of Kombucha and sweetened tea into a glass jar. Cover it with a towel so it can breathe but be protected from insects and other contaminants. Let it sit.

With time, a new SCOBY will start to form on top of the liquid. It will appear first as a thin film, then slowly fill in and thicken up.

Hooray now it’s about 1/4 inch thick, and it’s ready to go. You can let it sit longer and get even thicker, but that’s really not necessary.

Now your ready to brew your own batch.

You will need:
A gallon size glass jar.
1 gallon (or a little less) of brewed sweetened tea, with a ratio of 1 cup organic sugar to 1 gallon of tea – must be cooled t room temperature!
1 Kombucha SCOBY
a kitchen towel or coffee filter and a rubber band.

Prepare the tea (1 cup organic sugar in 1 gallon of brewed regular tea
Use 8-10 tea bags per gallon
Let the tea cool and remove tea bags. Make sure that tea is completely cool before going on to next step.
Pour the tea into a gallon size glass jar, leaving at least an inch of room at the top.
Add 1 cup of liquid from a previous batch of Kombucha or from a store bought bottle of plain organic Kombucha.
Gently place the Kombucha SCOBY at the top of the liquid. It should float, but don’t worry if it doesn’t. Once you have put it in, don’t stick your hands into the tea to get it to float!
Cover the jar with a towel or paper towel is what I use and secure with a rubber band.
Place in a warm location (around 70-75 degrees) and let sit from 5-30 days depending on your preference (it will be less sweet and more potent the longer you leave it).
When it is finished brewing you can store in smaller jars or in another big jar with a lid and repeat the brewing process with the SCOBY to make more batches. Every 1-2 batches, the SCOBY will have a baby that can be used to make other batches or given away.

Enjoy and start experimenting once familiar with the process.