You wouldn’t believe how many awesome deals you get at Costco that are great healthy choices?

Jamie Crawshaw

Okay, not exactly. Die hard health foodies would say that the meat and produce I buy at Costco is no where close to the quality you find at Whole Foods, and they would probably be right. But hear me out on this one – it might not be perfect, but Costco has almost everything I need to complete a successful Whole30, without having to choose between driving to work and eating supper.

1. Organic produce – and lots of it

Banana for scale. Banana for scale.

Let’s start with the produce. Most of it is organic. The word “organic” gets tossed around a lot these days, but Costco does carry a lot of the same organic brands I’d find at Whole Foods, such as Earthbound Farm. More importantly, I can buy laughably huge quantities of these organic brands, such as this humungo bag Earthbound Organic Power Greens.

Does the average person really need a…

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