I can’t wait to for Thanksgiving and all its fixings.



I been trying out new recipes all week to see if I could come up with healthy versions of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes. We’re having over 20 people come over to our house for Thanksgiving and I don’t want to serve them something I haven’t tried out first. My brother’s doing paleo, my Dad does low carb due to diabetes and my husband and I are doing paleo. Turns out my husband and I are the only ones that wanted to try out a healthy version of Thanksgiving. So I will be making a few paleo side dishes to go along with what everyone else is bringing. I may just forget to mention that my side dishes are paleo. 😉 I forget things a lot, so it could happen!

Now I’m gonna be honest, I’m not usually a big fan of cranberry sauce. My family has always bought the kind…

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