Today was weigh/measure in day!!!

This is how much weight I figured I gained a week this past year!
For a total of 18lbs. No I’m not proud of it! No I am not defined by a number on the scale. But with the scale# came higher inches on my hips and my waist!!! Those are not cool!!!

I do not feel defeated, I did however slowly feel like crap over the past 6 months. I found I was eating outside of the Paleo box and mostly with snacks! This unfortunately is all part of my sweet addiction that I’ve had my whole life.

My first year Paleo I did amazing and had amazing results because I was dedicated and focused. Then I think I got too confident. I thought that I could keep myself on track. But then I would let myself slide here and there. I figured it would all be ok because I would always fix it with a Whole30 Omg thankfully I did, if I hadn’t I probably would have gained so much more than I did.

Thankfully I have learned enough of the fundamentals and had enough discipline to not completely derail. It’s Crazy I can eat every meal on point! I will not waiver and have exactly what I should for each meal.
Then I go to work….
and there is practically a bowl of candy in every office or someone is bringing in baked goods. My brain knows I love sweets damn it!!! I got weak.

Well Im not stupid I know that I need to be more disciplined with my habits. I’ve been strict, I have learned so much in a few short years about how to treat my body. I know what to do.

So here I am, starting a Whole90!!! I figured I started Paleo with a 90 day stint of Whole30 I can do it again.

I am worth it…my body is worth it…and my hubby and I are going on tropical vacation this year finally.
I want to look good.

Happy New Year!!!!