The last couple of hours I have felt wicked sluggish. Feeling like someone drugged me. And then I remembered the timeline…
What day are you at on Whole30? Are you feeling tired, hungover or like hurting someone??
Here you will find a timeline of what to expect while on the Whole30.
Whole30 timeline will help you identify different feelings you may experience.
Everyone is different so everyone will experience different affects.
Let me know if you are feeling any of these symptoms?
I can’t wait to reach 12-15. I have no time to be tired.
All and all It’s been a pretty good Day 2 for me. I wasn’t as hungry as yesterday and felt pretty satisfied most of the day. There was one point I had a hankering and it was when I was driving a distance and wanted a piece of gum. (I usually chew gum on and off all day, yes I know not a good idea but it keeps satisfied. It’s something I have done since I quit smoking). I reached for it then realized shit… there is sugar in it. Damn…. Thank goodness I had cashews I had about 15 and this seemed to do the trick.
You too will need to find healthy alternatives when urges arise for the wrong choice.
Goodnight sleep well my friends.