Yup this is the start of Day 4!!! So far so good. I don’t have the normal sign for Day 4 and I will not mention what that symptom is so that I don’t jinx myself. LoL

Stir fry veggies go a long way!! You can Sauté some up and use over and over. I made a batch for steak stir fry for Friday nights dinner, then I had the veggies in an omelet Saturday morning and now just heated the remainder in a bowl and added an avocado for breakfast. Delicious.
Make your Whole30 as simple as possible.
Prep for the week as much as you can. Here’s a few simple ideas;
🔹Slice and dice veggies and portion out into baggies then freeze or keep in fridge.
🔹Make a batch off egg muffin quiches for grab and go breakfast.
🔹Grill up some chicken and beef to have on hand.
🔹Plan your meals for the week, this makes shopping easier and less to think about during your busy week.
🔹Stick to your grocery list.
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Have a fantastic day!!