Wow it’s been a long time friends! I have neglected you all.  Life just has a way of getting in the way sometimes.  With that,  some not so great choices happened as well with my eating.  Slowly over a few months I started eating poorly, pizza, bread lots of chocolate and snacks and even snuck a bite of Macaroni and cheese one night. Ugh…this was like a train wreck. I started feeling like shit to be blunt. I noticed a ton of body aches, my body rejected bread immediately, I got a tingly mouth and itchy face. That was fun.

Hubby and I  went on vacation end of June, we spent out 5th Wedding Anniversary on a Boston to Bermuda Cruise! The best vacation of my life!  We had a magical time and loved every minute of it. But if you have every cruised too, you know there is a lot of food!!! Oh boy was there a LOT of food!  Which is why I needed a restart. So here I am Day 3 no sugar, and as close to Whole 30 as I can this week.  Today I am wondering if my headache is related to NO sugar or my period. Who knows at this point, but I am glad I am doing this.  Sometimes we just need a re-start….

Take a look at some of our photos, if you haven’t gone you should, you won’t regret it.

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