My head is in the game and I am feeling great again.
My meals have been mostly planned out and when they are not I do my hardest to stay on target. I have been working out daily for the past week with Jillian and loving… well hating and loving every minute of it. LMAO
I like most have wished that one day I would wake up and just be happy, successful and fit. I wished that I was not “the one” that always had to work so hard to get it. I learned along the way, you don’t get what you want in life, relationship, fitness or career unless you WORK YOUR ASS OFF to do so. We are the makers of our life. Therefore we, ourselves have to do the work. Well I am a constant work in progress that is for sure. But this girl will not give up. I am fortunate to have so much good in my life, I need to take care of me so that I am around forever to enjoy it.

Happy Rainy Friday from Beantown. We are expecting torrential rains all weekend.

On a side note: My oldest sister is in the hospital with intestinal issues and it is a wait and see game whether she needs to have surgery. This is not what we want as surgery is scary enough but she does not handle anesthesia well and it causes complications. So please take a moment to say well wishes for her to recover without it.